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Tales of the Flying Tigers

Tales of the Flying Tigers: Five Books about the American Volunteer Group, Mercenary Heroes of Burma and China

Tales of the Flying Tigers

"What God abandoned, these defended,
And saved the sum of things for pay"

When the American Volunteer Group was under consideration in the winter of 1940-1941, political fixer Tommy Corcoran quoted those lines to President Roosevelt and thereby cinched the deal. The president gave his nod to the scheme to send 100 Curtiss P-40 fighter planes to China, along with the men to fly and maintain them. To encourage them to give up their military careers, the American volunteers were paid what for 1941 was a fabulous salary, with a cash bonus every Japanese aircraft shot down. All this, at a time when the United States was supposed to be at peace with the world, and neutrality legislation forbade any such activity.

Daniel Ford wrote the prize-winning history, Flying Tigers, first published in 1991, revised in 2007, and again updated in 2016. He has continued to research the men, planes, and activities of the American Volunteer Group, and has published additional information in five short e-books that are now collected in this omnibus volume.

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Rising Sun Over

Each of these titles is also available as a stand-alone e-book. (Click on the image for more information.) The digital editions also contain source notes and other information not included in the collected version.

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